With professional pool of dedicated graduate tutors, we offer a wide range of homeschooling support services. We specialize in classical homeschooling, eclectic homeschooling, Montessori homeschooling as well as traditional homeschooling

Special Needs

With a pool of well trained professional special needs tutors, Sanity offers exclusive support for learners struggling with various form of disabilities such Downs Syndrome, ADD, Autism, dyslexia, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and chronic asthma

Private Tuition

Every student is born a champion. Private tuition helps learners to identify their unique way of getting things done. Individualized learning and teaching can be magical.

Syllabus Pacing

There is no greater tragedy   than having a learner with  unsequenced syllabus coverage. Our syllabus pacing program ensures that such learners get at per with other students in the academic calendar.

Subject Coaching

A few concepts might need individualized attention to crack through. This is the reason for our subject mastery coaching

Grade/Level Assessment

We call it Alphanumeric assessment well set for lower grade students. We focus majorly on the 3Rs. A student with ability to read, write and reason is a progressive learner. We can help to identify the gap and work together for a fix.

Why choose Sanity

professional tutors

Our tutors are highly dedicated and committed to achieving the academic excellence of every learner.


Our learning programs are priced uniquely to accommodate every learner's learning program requirement.


Sanity acquires syllabus and curriculum-specific resources that are regularized and approved by respective curriculum examiners


Our learners are exposed to regular assessments to advance their examination handling skills.

Our Curriculum

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