About Us

About Us

We are a group of trained graduate teachers who understand the needs of students and the frustrations of finding the right home tutors for students.

With our expertise knowledge and a large pool of graduate teachers for HOMESCHOOLING and TUITION, we connect teachers, parents and students together. We provide highly qualified home tutors at your doorstep to work with students of all levels, from Nursery, Primary, Junior secondary and senior level covering all subjects.

Every parent wishes the best for their child, to excel in studies so that they can have a bright future.

It is paramount to understand that a solid foundation will set children on a pathway to achieve their full learning potential and boost their confidence. It is important to identify if your child is struggling in the learning process.

Why choose us

Sanity has never failed to showcase excellence. We have displayed stellar performance in our objective of pushing for academic excellence for many years.

Something really interesting about Sanity is the strictness in the selection of tutors. For one to qualify in our rigorous selection process, they must have excellent academic records and extensive experience plus some other necessary qualities. We reject way over 85% of teachers who apply to us.

We administer monthly assessments to determine progress in our students. After every assessment, we do a thorough progress report for all our students. In the report we highlight the learner strengths and weakness before having a meeting with the parents and teachers to discuss on measures put in place to improve performance. We are so keen on quality of the services that we offer.

We continue to support our homeschooling community
Great Staff
Apart from our teachers having extensive experience and excellent academic records, it is mandatory that they attend a 270 hours in-house training on instructional design and implementation. They are therefore fully equipped with the latest teaching strategies that is congruent to the expectations of our quality assurance team
All our teachers have genuine credentials and are qualified. Apart from this, they are very supportive, energetic and flexible.
Our teachers have taught in quite a number of international and local schools and therefore bring a wealth of experience and expertise in the tutoring table
We value extra-curricular activities and therefore we expose all our learners in both indoor and outdoor extra curricular activities
Great Staff

We value diversity and want the best for all our students.

  Every child is unique and different in their performance, morals, learning potential, attention, listening skills and grasping power. They cannot be compared with one another. Some students are very brilliant and some need extra academic and or psychological attention and care so that they are able to tap their full potential. Sending your children to school may not go well on their academic performance, as what works for another child may not work for yours. It is more advisable to remain open to various options on improving your child’s grades instead of relying on tuition centers. At this point, Sanity is the best option; in improving your children’s potential because we focus on one child/learner at a time (1-on-1)

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