Thinking about homeschooling your child?

Every child is born a champion. Individualized private tuition and homeschooling can be magical. We know what works for every child. 

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Academic Programs

All our academic programs are based on our greatest pillar of discovery, learning and engagement. As we engage our learners through teaching, we strive to arouse their design thinking skills and creativity.


At Sanity we specialize in classical homeschooling, eclectic homeschooling, Montessori homeschooling as well as traditional homeschooling. 

Before we enroll any child into our homeschooling program, we first do an assessment to determine the nature and type of the learner[auditory, visual, spatial, verbal and social learner]. Once we are able to identify the type of learner, we then make a decision on the appropriate type of homeschooling that fits them. All our assessments are FREE!!

Private Tuition

Our individualized tuition is aimed at boosting grades as well supporting the learner in understanding the challenging concepts that probably the learner could not have understood during the normal classroom setup. 

During private tuition, we assist learners in handling homework, do extra revision, subject coaching, syllabus coverage and test practice. We believe this will go a long way in boosting their confidence as well as creating stronger drive to perform to their very best. 


Exam Preparation and resit

Students who did not score satisfactorily in their IGCSE and A- Level examinations have an opportunity to enroll, learn with us and register for their exams as private candidates.

Our exam preparation is thorough and full of period topical tests, worksheets and revision. Learners who may also be anticipating any exams can actually enroll for this program and prepare satisfactorily for their examinations.

This program also handles critical concepts such as subject mastery coaching, Examinations handling skills, topical revision worksheets as well as syllabus pacing.



Special Needs

We have special tutors fully trained to handle developmental, physical and emotional types of special needs.

These tutors are always committed in supporting our special needs students and their families. We handle special needs learners with Downs Syndrome, ADD, Autism, dyslexia, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, chronic asthma as well as many other challenges.

Our Approach

Sanity has a unique approach in all our programs. We strongly advocate for activity-based learning. Our students learn and practice what they have been taught. For the lower grades/years, we strive as much as possible to blend the curriculum in order to build a strong foundation for our learners.

For situations where our learners have not understood a concept, we prepare special videos and customized mobile applications to boost their understanding. We are dedicated to providing quality teaching and learning. We want every child to discover, learn and develop. 


Our Curriculum

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